Roomorama API

Roomorama API Overview

Roomorama exposes some of its site functionality and data through an application programming interface (API), so developers and property managers can interact with in an programmatic way. This document is the official reference documentation for this API.

Getting started

To get started please read through the step-by-step guide for a quick bootstrap guide on using Roomorama API. You can also visit the documentation page for a reference overview of the various versions of the API, or head over to the authentication section to get details on how to authenticate to the API.

Getting help

There is also a Google Group for the Roomorama API where you can ask any questions and read the latest API-related announcements. We strongly recommend that you subscribe to this group in order to keep up to date with the latest API changes (especially important during the beta-phase).

Finding a developer

If you need help integrating our API into your site or service, please use our developer directory, powered by oDesk, to find a developer capable of helping you with your integration.