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Traveling? Here’s an idea: live like a local.

Walk to the park, see what's at that organic specialty shop down the street, order take-out and absorb your adopted neighborhood.

Roomorama finds accommodations for the non-tourist, here's how:

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  1. With "Book Now", you can pre-authorize payment if you're ready to book! You will not be charged unless the Host accepts it.

  2. The Host has 48 hours to accept a "Book Now" request. If it's accepted, you will be charged and your booking is confirmed.

  3. Present your unique 6-digit payment code upon successful check-in.

Contact Host

  1. Not yet ready to book? Got some questions about the property? No problem! With "Contact Host", you can send a message to your potential Host and confirm availability.

  2. Once the availability is confirmed and you're ready to book, just proceed with the payment to secure the property!
Why Us?

Quality accommodations and customer service
global presence and superior service ‘round the clock.

Secure payment system
unique 6-digit payment code protects you from scams and false advertising.

proactive hosts can contact you with availability, too.

What People Say
  • If ebay, Facebook and got together one night to make a cyber baby, they would no doubt issue forth a site like - Chicago Tribune
  • Move over Craigslist — Roomorama is about to cramp your style - Blackbook
  • The [Roomorama] concept allows travelers to save money and experience a slice of true city life. - Marie Claire
  • (In) came, which makes it easy to list and find short-term rentals just about anywhere in the world. - Lonely Planet

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